Ja és casualitat

Quina heroïcitat, oi?

Convindreu que mantenir certes aficions -cares de debò- en un país situat en un atur esgarrifós és propi de califats d’altres temps; però…  a més a més, caçar elefants… justament elefants… aquells animalons als quals ja Aristòltil s’hi va referir com dels més inel·ligents de la Terra?

Se’m fa difícil entendre quina mena d’emoció pot tenir disparar davant d’un elefant res que no sigui una càmera fotogràfica; però ja ens estem avesant a tenir una casa real propensa a les armes de foc.

La casualitat la fa el diable, el mateix que carrega les armes, i el diable ha volgut que tot plegat s’hagi esdevingut justament, Ai las!, un 14 d’abril, en el 81è aniversari de la proclamació de la darrera república.

Visca el diable! Visquin els elefants! Visca la república!





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-Has viles, ni castells, ni ciutats, comtats ni ducats? -He amors, pensaments, plors, desirers, treballs, llanguiments, qui són mellors que emperis ni regnats (Ramon Llull)
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10 Responses to Ja és casualitat

  1. Victoria says:

    Visca la REPUBLICA !!!

  2. ALEX says:

    i visca la revolució francesa (amb la guillotina, clar)

  3. homer says:

    Some Europeans have much obsession with the guillotine. Why?

  4. Maria says:

    Visquin!. I Visca!

  5. ALEX says:

    by envy ¡¡¡¡¡

  6. Gerard says:

    Homer: please ask your ancestors why…coming from an English culture it’s ironical you don’t know something like that…guillotine was very effective to make that England become finally a democracy. English kings, frightened by what were happening in France, accepted to become a Constitutional Monarchy, instead of keeping on an Absolutitst one…..

    What we want is just those that History says belongs to us. FYI, Catalonia was a State betrayed by “some” Europeans. That’s why now we are known as “Spaniards”. But, frankly speaking, we never felt that way. We became spaniards by the force of weapons, not by our own. Nobody asked nothing to us. Simply, they made dissappear more than one thousand of years of our History….how is called this today, genocide?.Pls, drink a beer and think of…..

    Salut, República i Independència….!!!

  7. Gerard says:

    Quí és aquest collons de Homer?….

  8. Homer says:

    I will think about it, Gerard

    Alex: If the Americans had king … we might choose on a barbecue!

  9. Gerard says:

    Thanks Homer, be sure I will appreciate your thoughts…
    In the meantime,if you have some doubts about, pls, don’t hesitate to let me know. I will try to clarify all questions you may have…

    Pls, remember what the American revolutionaries would write just above to sign their documents:

    Minus tempus enim libertatis nostris!
    Ius et Republica./SPQR

  10. Gerard says:

    PLs, excuse me for my ignorance….what’s GOP?

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